Grand Opening at 
February 04.02.2017 20:00GMT+3.
More than 2,500 Players expected/Estimated... New Style NEW PROJECT is Coming



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Hello guys and Merry X-mas to all.

So, this week we started to prepare the files on our machines, but we found something interrresting and maybe we got an idea for something cool.

Guess what? Lineage 2 Classic ? brahh yea...Yesterday we just logged with Classic client on our private server files but ofc we got issues...You cant imagine how cool was to see L2Avellan on Classic mode :P ...Anyway we're thinking to give a try something like update from IL to Classic during the live  server version "IF" we convert all the packet from IL to Classic!!!


Now, about Opening date? yea this will happen by the end of Jenuary, all the changes have been posted on update section, more infos coming soon!

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